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Effortless Scheduling and Appointment Management for You and Your Team

Streamline your grooming business operations with PawCare’s ‘Comprehensive Appointment and Calendar Management’ features. Effortlessly manage appointments and calendars for both yourself and your team, ensuring efficient scheduling, optimal organization, and seamless coordination of grooming services for enhanced productivity and customer satisfaction.


accept, reject, reschedule appointments

Effortlessly Coordinate Your Groomers’ Schedules in One Place. Simplify Staff Management with PawCare

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing appointments manually. PawCare’s Online Booking Page automates the booking process, allowing pet parents to schedule appointments at their convenience, day or night.

Team Dashboard

Effortlessly Track Business and Groomer Availability, Publish Schedules with the Click of a Button

With PawCare’s exclusive access to the Marketplace, unlock a world of opportunities and connect with pet parents searching for the best care for their furry friends.

Add availability per groomer

Effortlessly Manage Appointments by Groomer or Business. Accept, Decline, or Reschedule with PawCare’s Versatile System

Your grooming business is unique, and so is your Online Booking Page. Tailor it to reflect your services, pricing, and location with precision. Make a lasting impression that aligns with your brand and expertise.

View all appointments and filter my groomers on your team

Streamline Customer Relationships with PawCare’s Comprehensive CRM System

At PawCare, we understand the importance of a cohesive online presence for grooming businesses. That’s why we’ve introduced an exclusive feature that seamlessly integrates an online booking widget onto your groomer’s website. Elevate your customer experience, drive engagement, and boost your booking capabilities effortlessly.


List of all clients

Effortlessly Track All Payouts with PawCare’s Transparent System

From grooming fees to commissions, PawCare’s platform enables seamless tracking of all payouts. Gain transparency and peace of mind, knowing every transaction is accounted for.

Payout Report

Stay Informed Every Day with PawCare’s Detailed Appointment Report

Get a comprehensive breakdown of every appointment, daily. PawCare’s detailed reporting keeps you informed, providing valuable insights to optimize operations and enhance efficiency.

Daily Reporting

Elevate Your Service with PawCare’s Concierge Customer Service. Let Us Handle the Details While You Focus on Exceptional Pet Care

Experience unparalleled customer service with PawCare’s Concierge Customer Service. Our dedicated team manages appointments, fosters relationships with customers, and handles calls on behalf of groomers. With us in your corner, enjoy a stress-free experience for both groomers and pet parents.

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