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Seamless Integration via a Booking Widget on Your Website

At PawCare, we understand the importance of a cohesive online presence for grooming businesses. That’s why we’ve introduced an exclusive feature that seamlessly integrates an online booking widget onto your groomer’s website. Elevate your customer experience, drive engagement, and boost your booking capabilities effortlessly.


PawCare for Providers - Calendar integration - booking widget Provider website

Integrate Bookings Directly With Your Website

Easily boost your bookings by integrating PawCare’s ‘Website Booking Integration’ feature. Seamlessly embed a booking widget on your website, empowering pet parents to schedule appointments effortlessly, enhancing the accessibility and convenience of your grooming services.

PawCare for Providers - Booking Widget

Transparent Service and Pricing Showcase

Provide transparency and convenience for pet parents with PawCare’s ‘Transparent Service Showcase’ feature. Showcase all your services and pricing directly on your website, empowering customers to make informed decisions and enhancing the accessibility of your grooming offerings.

PawCare for Providers - Services and Pricing on Booking Widget

Capture Pet Details Directly From Your Website

Streamline your booking process and enhance customer experience with PawCare’s ‘Website Pet Profile Capture’ feature. Easily collect essential pet details directly from your website, enabling personalized and tailored grooming services while simplifying the booking process for pet parents.

PawCare for Providers - Collect pet details from your website

Integrate Your Calendar Directly On Your Website

Simplify scheduling for both your team and clients with PawCare’s ‘Website Calendar Integration’ feature. Seamlessly embed your calendar and your team’s calendars directly on your website, providing real-time availability and enhancing the booking experience for pet parents.

PawCare for Providers - Calendar integration - booking widget Provider website

Capture Customer Information Directly On Your Website

Effortlessly gather important customer details from your website with PawCare’s ‘Website Customer Information Capture’ feature. Streamline the booking process by collecting essential information upfront, ensuring personalized service and enhancing the overall grooming experience for pet parents.

PawCare for Providers - collect customer details

“No Show” and “Late Cancellation” Protection With Credit Cards During Booking

Secure your appointments and minimize no-shows and late cancellations with PawCare’s ‘Credit Card No-Show Protection’ feature. Collect credit card information during booking to provide an added layer of assurance, ensuring that your valuable time is respected and protected.

PawCare for Providers - Widget - Checkout with credit cards on file

Automated Customer Notifications

Enhance customer communication and reduce missed appointments with PawCare’s ‘Automated Customer Notifications’ feature. Set up automated reminders and confirmations to keep pet parents informed and engaged, ensuring a seamless grooming experience while minimizing no-shows and late cancellations.

PawCare for Providers - Widget - Send automatic confirmations to customers enhancing the customer experience



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