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Effortless Booking, Tailored for Groomers 

Our Online Booking Page not only streamlines the appointment process but also allows you to showcase your unique services and pricing with utmost transparency. Now, with added interactive features, connect with your clients on a whole new level.

PawCare for Providers - Online Booking and Services Page

Personalized to Your Brand

Your grooming business is unique, and so is your Online Booking Page. Tailor it to reflect your services, pricing, and location with precision. Make a lasting impression that aligns with your brand and expertise.

PawCare for Providers - Provider Booking Page on PawCare

Add Your Services and Pricing, and Change Them When Customers Come In

Tailor your services to each pet’s unique needs with PawCare’s feature. Customize service offerings and pricing, providing flexibility to adjust and enhance offerings based on individual pet conditions when customers arrive.

PawCare for Providers - Add Services and Variations

Streamlined Bookings 24/7 Directly to Your Calendar

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing appointments manually. PawCare’s Online Booking Page automates the booking process, allowing pet parents to schedule appointments at their convenience, day or night.

PawCare for Providers - Provider Booking Calendar on PawCare

Collect Relevant Pet Details

Collect vital pet details during bookings with PawCare’s feature, allowing you to personalize your services. Understand dietary needs, health considerations, and preferences, enhancing your ability to provide exceptional care tailored to each furry client.

PawCare for Providers - Collect Pet Details via PawCare

Reduce No Shows and Late Cancellations With Credit Cards on File

Minimize no-shows and late cancellations by utilizing PawCare’s credit cards on file feature. Secure appointments with ease, ensuring a commitment from clients and protecting your valuable time as a pet care provider.

PawCare for Providers - Collect credit cards when booking via PawCare

Take Bookings for Multiple Pets

With PawCare, accommodating bookings for multiple pets has never been easier. Our platform seamlessly handles reservations for multiple furry friends in a single transaction, simplifying scheduling and ensuring a smooth experience for both pet parents and groomers. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple appointments separately and hello to the convenience of booking all your pets’ grooming sessions in one go.

PawCare for Providers - Multiple Pets Bookings with PawCare

Collect More Revenue via Add Ons

Unlock new revenue streams effortlessly with PawCare’s ‘Add-On Advantage’ feature. Seamlessly integrate add-ons into your booking process, empowering pet parents to personalize their grooming experience while boosting your salon’s average order value.

PawCare for Providers - Booking Add Ons with PawCare

Keep Customers Coming Back via Recurring Appointments

Ensure long-term customer loyalty with PawCare’s ‘Recurring Rewards’ feature. Seamlessly schedule recurring appointments in advance, providing convenience for pet parents while fostering ongoing engagement and retention for your grooming business.

PawCare for Providers - Recurring appointments with PawCare

Book With Your Groomer of Choice or First Available

Enjoy the freedom to book with your preferred groomer or opt for the first available appointment with PawCare’s ‘Choose Your Groomer Flexibility’ feature. Whether seeking continuity or convenience, this feature empowers pet parents to tailor their grooming experience to their preferences.

PawCare for Providers - Book with your groomer of choice with PawCare



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