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The Only Platform You’ll Need to Streamline Your Grooming Business, Period!

From powerful online bookings to secure payments, PawCare handles your business so you can focus more on what you love – Grooming!

PawCare for Groomers

Don’t Let Your Business Take over Your Life, Let PawCare Streamline It for You

No matter your goals, PawCare has you covered


Increase in Appointments


Show Rate to Appointments

Minimum Amount Paid Per No Show or Late Cancellation

Hours Saved Each Month Answering Phone Calls, Responding to Emails and Texts

Average Amount Saved per Year


Repeat Customers per Month

PawCare is flexible and user friendly grooming software to drive bookings, streamline operations and grow revenue

Provider Booking Calendar on PawCare

1. Streamline Bookings and Appointment Management

PawCare’s booking platform not only streamlines the appointment process but also allows you to showcase your unique services and pricing with utmost transparency. Now, with added interactive features, connect with your clients on a whole new level. Learn More…
accept, reject, reschedule appointments

2. Smart Scheduling and Calendar Management

Effortlessly manage appointments and calendars for both yourself and your team, ensuring efficient scheduling, optimal organization, and seamless coordination of grooming services for enhanced productivity and customer satisfaction. Learn More…
Payment Processing with PawCare

3. Seamless Customer Checkouts and Payments

Say goodbye to the complexities of transactions, credit cards, and banks. With PawCare Pay, groomers can enjoy a hassle-free payment experience. PawCare Pay streamlines the payment process, ensuring that groomers receive their earnings directly through the PawCare platform. It’s a secure, efficient, and convenient way to get paid for the exceptional pet care services you provide. Learn More…

Simplify Your Grooming Business With PawCare. Get Time Back, by Focusing on What You Love – Grooming

But don’t take our word for it, read some of the testimonials from groomers using PawCare.

“PawCare has revolutionized the way we manage our grooming salon. With its intuitive platform, we’ve streamlined our booking process, improved customer communication, and seen a significant reduction in no-shows. The ability to customize services and pricing has allowed us to cater to each pet’s specific needs, enhancing their experience and satisfaction. PawCare’s customer service team has been exceptional, providing prompt support and ensuring our success every step of the way. I couldn’t recommend PawCare highly enough!”

“Switching to PawCare was one of the best decisions we’ve made for our grooming business. The platform’s comprehensive features, such as calendar management and appointment tracking, have simplified our operations and increased our efficiency. Having credit cards on file has drastically reduced late cancellations, giving us peace of mind and protecting our time. Plus, the marketing support provided by PawCare has helped us attract new customers and grow our business. Thank you, PawCare, for helping us thrive in the competitive pet care industry!”



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